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Social volunteering. Participation in the provision of social assistance, assistance to socially disadvantaged groups of children, children in difficult situations, social services for the elderly, disabled people, organization of accessibility of the environment for disabled people, assistance in the work on social adaptation, integration and education of orphans and children without children parental care and other categories of the population. Perhaps the most famous area of ​​voluntary assistance.

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02.05.2024 619 0
Қайырымдылық саласындағы құрметті атақ беруге өтініш қабылдау басталды!
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26.04.2024 1431 0
Қазақстанда BIRGEMIZ жалпыұлттық жобасы аясында шағын гранттар байқауы басталды!
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22.04.2024 3240 0
Волонтерлік уақыт саяхаты ретінде
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