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Искусство быть волонтёром

В книге собраны истории реальных волонтёров, работающих в самых трудных местах-ПНИ, детских больницах, ДДИ, а также справочная и практическая информация
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Volunteering is a social elevator for youth

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How volunteerism can change your world

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Connecting thread: volunteerism and community sustainability (unap) Part 1

Report of the United Nations Volunteers Programme on the state of volunteerism in the world for 2018.

Annual report of UNV for 2018


Methodological guidelines for trainers of volunteers

Methodological recommendations developed by the Interregional public organization "FAMILY AGAINST DRUGS" in the framework of " Creation of a resource center for support of socially oriented non-profit organizations operating in the field of social rehabilitation and re-socialization of persons who consumed narcotic and psychoactive substances for non-medical purposes»
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