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Dear visitors, welcome to the QazVolunteer.kz! 

"Being a volunteer is more than a profession»

Volunteering is free, voluntary. This is the way of life of modern civilized man. More than a hundred million people participate in the volunteer movement around the world today.

What does that give you?

As a volunteer, we help people. By participating in social projects, we make the world around us a little bit better. By participating, for example, in environmental actions, we contribute to the salvation of our planet. We always realize that we give good and therefore we become better. We start to feel different. And the attitude towards us from others is also changing. There are many directions in volunteering. For example, in Kazakhstan on the "wave" ecology, work with animals, IT – volunteering, assistance to the elderly and people with special needs. And each such project gives us the opportunity to find something that is closer to us and feel part of more.

On April 29, 2019, the official presentation of the online platform in the Central Communications Service took place. The project was developed by the Ministry of information and social development of Kazakhstan along with the National Volunteer Network with the support of the Civil Initiatives Support Center's grant.

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