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Implementation of the practice of mentoring volunteers in relation to children and youth in orphanages, children who find themselves in a difficult life situation in social service centers of the social protection system

Terrotorial coverage:

14 regions, cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent

Expected result:

1) Assigning at least 60 personal mentors to groups of children and youth who find themselves in a difficult life situation - annually; 2) Expanding the participation of volunteers in work with children and youth in difficult life situations - annually; Attracting at least 1.5 thousand volunteers, including at least 700 young people, at least 50 silver volunteers - annually; 3) implementation of at least 30 small grants, including at least 3 projects with subsequent funding from various organizations, business structures - annually; 4) conclusion of at least 5 memorandums with relevant organizations - annually; 5) Analytical report with recommendations - 2024.

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Birgemiz: Sabaqtastyq
Birgemiz: Sabaqtastyq
Project implementation:
Public Association "Board of Trustees of Educational Organizations "QOLDAU"
Head Farida Sagyndyk
13.10.2020 423
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13.10.2020 452
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13.10.2020 566
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13.10.2020 445
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12.10.2020 494
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10.10.2020 429
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10.10.2020 434
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10.10.2020 461
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