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Development of volunteer initiatives and projects aimed at developing a responsible attitude towards animals

Terrotorial coverage:

The Republic of Kazakhstan

Expected result:

1. Expansion of the participation of volunteers in the field of formation of a responsible attitude towards animals. We intend to attract at least 2,000 volunteers, including at least 1,000 youth, at least 50 silver volunteers annually. 2. Our goal is to rescue more than 100 animals every year. 3. For the successful implementation of the project, at least 5 memorandums will be concluded with relevant organizations - annually. 4. And also provide at least 30 mini-grants for the implementation of volunteer initiatives.

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Birgemiz: Ayala
Асан Маратулы Нурланов
Volunteer, participant in environmental events, public figure
Project implementation:
Public association "Green help"
The public association "Green help" is a team of active and caring people. We work in several areas: environmental education and activities, focus on protecting the environment, animals and natural diversity, as well as working to improve the quality of life among the socially vulnerable segments of the population in Kazakhstan, spreading the social entrepreneurship model among Kazakhstani NGOs.
Public Relations Specialist - Алписова Гульшат Какимовна
07.06.2023 313
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